A Good Bistro Design Should Be Simple And Intimate

If you think about bistro design casual and intimate dining springs to mind. And with this concept in your head you should think about how to design yours if you are thinking of opening such a small restaurant.



You should not have an extensive list of dishes. A choice of a few meals of the day that are cooked fresh will go down much better with your diners. If you pair these rustic dishes with a few well-chosen wines, you will most certainly have a recipe for success.


The décor should match the style of food you serve. It’s much nicer to have a few pub style tables than ultra-modern wrought iron styles. Chairs made of this metal are not as comfortable as the tried and tested comfy bar types. You could decorate these with a table cloth and cushions to match.


Candles, flowers and nice crockery will put the finishing touches to any table. You should not buy plastic or artificial flowers. One bloom in a small vase is all often that is needed.


If you are really stuck for ideas, you may want to involve a professional commercial designer. They have much experience of how to make the best of the layout of the building. Most firms in this field make use of computer graphics for maximum innovative design.


They may also even source furniture and kitchen appliances for you to suit your style of cooking and the interior of the restaurant. You need to get the right design in the kitchen together to make maximum room of the space available. A small intimate restaurant is likely to have a small kitchen too.


You need to know that planning design and your budget are just as important as serving the right foods and wines. If you overspend, you will have to work that much harder to recoup your money. Remember there is a big layout in kitting out any business venture.

You will have spent a great deal of money without having earned a cent.

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