Efficient Space Utilisation With Good Design

Commercial kitchen designers are important to establish a fast, safe and efficient service regime for kitchen staff.


If you have a large kitchen space it follows that the seating area for your diners is also big. A big restaurant needs more equipment than a small outlet. All your appliances need to be arranged in such a manner that people who work in your kitchen can access foodstuffs and kitchen utensils without walking miles.


Before you start to kit out your kitchen you need to have a think about what kinds of food you are going to cook for your diners. Are you going to serve a la carte, have a daily small menu like a bistro or have a self-service arrangement?


For each of these different styles of cooking your will need different pieces of equipment in your kitchen.


Commercial Kitchen designers are also fully conversant with Health and Safety and food hygiene standards. They will sort out all the necessary requirements so that you kitchen meets these standards.



Because foods are easily contaminated, it is a good idea to have food preparation areas well away from the main cooking area. Normally commercial kitchens are designed in that way anyway.


If you find it difficult to obtain funding for a major refurbishing project, you could have a word with your designers and supply company. They may be able to arrange finance on your behalf. Big companies who have a good relation with their customers very often have such a facility in place.


It is important that you have a budget in mind above which you must not go. You need to realise that when you first start out you won’t start making money until your restaurant is open. It could take a little while to be in profit after all these expenses.


On another note, it makes good sense to approach designers. They do not only do the graphics for your kitchen, but they also supply appliances and restaurant furniture. You only have to phone one number if anything should go wrong.