Four Great Tips to Help Your Coffee Shop Get Off to a Booming Start

Are you thinking of setting up a coffee shop? When done correctly, the work can be fun, interesting, and profitable. When done incorrectly, it’s a recipe for stress. To get it right takes careful thought and planning. It’s important that you learn as much as you can about the trade as possible, maybe even taking a job as a waitress just to learn a bit more about the industry.


You can also learn from others who have been there before, and that’s exactly what you will be going if you read on. Below, we have written 4 tips that we know will help you to get it right. You won’t find all of the answers listed below, but you will at least find some.


Tip 1: Believe in What You’re Doing


It doesn’t matter which business venture you're embarking upon, whether a new coffee shop or a multinational company, you must always believe in the task. Without that belief, you will find the process incredibly stressful: small setbacks will feel larger; you’ll never quite know whether the thing will work or not; you'll lose heart and quit. This is why it’s vital to choose a business for passion, and not for money.


Tip 2: Find the Best Location for Your Budget


When it comes to restaurants, shops, or coffee shops, then location is essential. If you choose the wrong location, no one will come to your shop. There are two factors to consider here:


1.You need to consider a location that is busy. When choosing this, make sure that you delve into property plans at the local council and make sure that they aren’t planning anything that could affect your business. We know a restaurant owner who took charge of a new restaurant in what appeared to be a busy location. Six months in, the council closed the through pass to make room for a new development. It took two years for people to come back to the area, and the restaurant only survived by the skin of its teeth.


2.You need to consider if the people in the area are the type of clients that you need. For instance, an up market coffee shop won’t be any good in a student area.

Tip 3: Create the Right Space


Coffee shop design is paramount to the success of your new business venture. Again, there are two considerations in this respect:


1.The design of the main floor, where the customers gather

2.The design of the kitchen


When thinking about coffee shop design, it is important to discuss your goals with a specialist designer. They have inside knowledge about how to create the perfect space.


Tip 4: Find Customers


You will have to market yourself in order to find customer. On-street canvassing is a good place to start – offer incentives for people walking by. Other options include website design and leaflet drops.