Popular Restaurants: What Are Some of Their Secrets?

Have you ever wondered why some restaurants are more popular than other are? There are many reasons for the difference, and, of course, not being omnipresent beings, we don’t have all the answers. However, we do understand some of the secrets of some of the best restaurants in the world. And by best, we’re not talking about the Michelin 3* restaurants, but just the local ones that everyone loves.


If you’re a restaurant owner, and you’re struggling, you might find some helpful information during the course of this article. We wish you good luck! We know exactly how difficult it is to run a restaurant, and at times, it can feel like the biggest mistake you ever made, but if/when it turns a corner, it’s all worth it.


The Décor


Do you understand the difference between warm colours and cold colours? Did you know that you can have two similar colours, e.g. both called “white”, but one can be cold and clinical, while the other can be warm and calming.


A great restaurant uses warm colours. They make their guests feel safe, relaxed, at home, and at ease. Restaurants that use cold colours have a high turnover of customers. These latter restaurants are the types you find in large city-centre shopping centres; the owners don’t want their customers to dawdle because it reduces their profits.


As well as the colour, the furniture can be warm too. Imagine the stark contrast between a metal chair and a plush armchair? Which would you find more enchanting and welcoming? The plush armchair is something that you find in many of the best pubs in the UK. The metal chairs, yes, you guessed it, in the huge shopping centres or in-store café shops.


Wood, stone, metal, and glass can all be warm or cold. Think of the contrast between a plain window and a frosted window – somehow, the frosted window feels warmer.

The best restaurants serve fantastic food, and they do it within the context of a super comfy environment. Do you know what that means? People want to stay for dessert, coffee, and “Oh go on then! One more beer won’t hurt”.


The Kitchen


A happy restaurant is one that looks after its staff, and to help them do that, they must have a well-planned kitchen. Good restaurant kitchen design will take account of the comfort of the kitchen. For example, it will create an ergonomic kitchen that ensures that the staff under exert themselves as much as possible. An ergonomic kitchen is a safer and better environment in which to work. A good kitchen is logical. All of the areas flow from one to another, so staff don’t fall over each other getting here, there, and everywhere. This reduces accidents, but also stress.


It’s good to consult your staff every now and again, and find out if there’s anything that particularly annoys everyone. You can then try to take steps to address the issue.