How to Design Your Restaurant So That People Return

There are some types of restaurant where people generally aren’t expected to return: airport, railway, ferry restaurants, for instance. However, most restaurant owners want people to keep returning to their restaurant. Some appear to be better at managing this than others.


You all know that it’s important to create the right food, but there are other things that can entice people too. Today, we’re going to look at some of these other things, so that you too can create return business.


  1. Keep the music down.

Music is a difficult thing to get right. There are so many different tastes, that you won’t be able to cater to everyone. For this reason, if you do play music in the restaurant, keep it to instrumentals, and keep the volume down. The louder the music, the higher the turnover of people – many don’t enjoy loud music.


  1. Get it right with your restaurant kitchen design.

A poorly designed kitchen can have a massive influence on the restaurant. Firstly, if you haven’t managed workflow, you can end up with blockages in the kitchen that over the course of an hour or two lead to significant waits for your customers in the restaurant. If they have to wait too long for their food, they’ll choose to eat elsewhere.


Secondly, a poorly planned kitchen is stressful for staff. This stress has a knock-on effect for everyone in the kitchen, and in turn, on people in the restaurant. If the atmosphere is bad, people will not want to eat there.


  1. Make sure that it’s comfortable.

The more comfortable people are, the more of a favourable impression they will have of your restaurant. You can do several things to improve comfort: add cushions to chairs, space tables further away from each other (so people don’t have to listen in on each other’s conversation, or shove their bottoms in people’s faces when getting up or down), clearly indicate where the toilets are, and create wide gangways.


We hope that you have found this article useful. If you would like any further advice about restaurant design, then please visit Garnersfse.