Why You Should Use a Project Management Service When Installing a Commercial Kitchen

If you're planning on installing a commercial kitchen – maybe you're just starting out in the restaurant trade, or maybe your renovating an existing kitchen – then we recommend that you take advantage of the project management services available from some of the country’s leading suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment.

Here, we are going to explore the many reasons why it makes sense to take advantage of a project management service.

Getting It Right First Time
The primary reason for using a project management service is that they will get the installation correct on the first attempt. This is their area of expertise. They will have planned and installed many kitchens beforehand, and as such, will have a thorough understanding of some of the things that can go wrong.

For example, they will understand things such as placing the goods in area near the back door. Or, they know that it is better to have refrigeration away from any cookers and hobs, because it will help to minimise energy expenditure, thereby making your restaurant cheaper to run and reducing your overheads.

You can start to see right now that they have valuable information about the best way of organising a kitchen and about the type of commercial kitchen equipment that is most suitable for the task.


One of the biggest reasons why getting it right first time is so important is that it saves money on installation. Imagine if you install your kitchen, only to find that you have made an area dysfunctional.

For example, perhaps your storage cupboard door does not open wide enough because you placed it too close to another cupboard. If it’s vital to the flow of the restaurant, you will need to spend money to rearrange the kitchen and reinstall the cupboards in such a way that they work properly. This will cost you in both time and money.

Advice and Information about Alternative Ways of Doing Things
Project management services will understand that there are different ways of doing the same thing. Some of these you may not have considered. For example, perhaps you had not considered combining the oven and microwave. In some kitchens, this might be an ideal way to save space. In other kitchens, it might not work. The management services will understand when it is appropriate and when it isn’t, and will tailor the kitchen to your needs.

Paying for Mistakes
Finally, if there is a mistake in the way in which you run your project – maybe you’ve ordered the wrong commercial kitchen equipment, but you are unable to return it – then the liability rests with you. However, by using a project management service, the liability is theirs, and not yours, so if something goes wrong, you do not have to pay for it out of your own money.

Furthermore, the project management service is highly likely to have insurance (don’t use them if they don’t). This means that their work will be fully insured, so that if problems arise in the future, you might be able to make a claim with them.

In short, hiring a project management service in order to complete your commercial kitchen installation has a number of benefits when compared to undertaking the project yourself. If you would like to discuss your installation needs with a project management service, then please visit http://www.garnersfse.co.uk